When hand sewing, I will sometimes sew through the first layer of skin and find myself physically attached to the project!  I was delighted the first time that this happened and I still get a giggle of surprise from it.  I decided to create a tiny ceremonial act of sewing myself to something that I love in my world.  Naturally, when I set off to deliberately sew through my skin and into the environment, I was delighted all over again!


Everything is stitched together. The dog is attached to a nearby post with a loop; we’ve zigzagged our way here looking at flowers and plants stitching ourselves across the town and through the park. We sew ourselves into the minds of the people we pass along the way! They are sewing their own lives. We are looping and weaving an existence together.

These flowers are a tremendous source of joy for all of us! They bloom in little random patches through the fall and winter and in spring they are in full bloom! The dog finds them irresistible for sniffing and marking and we knew they’d be great to sew myself to! What we did not expect, was that one of the little flowers would ride the thread like a zip line to my finger! To make visible the connection they’ve made into my heart!

We make a connection to beauty, and joy attaches itself to us


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