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We’ve Moved

Our new address is 404 N Main, Toledo, Oregon! We found it on Craigslist – live/work space near the coast; and we really excited to discover that Toledo (population 3000); was an art town with galleries, public art, a museum, and monthly art walk.

So we packed up are things into a U-haul and our animals into our car and drove to Oregon.

We drove through Lubbock, where Josh went to Texas Tech and marveled at the massive wind farms. There were still a few oil derricks, but no big stockyards or odors.

I was surprised by all the ways to see wind. The windmills breaking up the sky like kaleidoscopes , snakes of dusts sliding across the road and big clouds of dirt gusting up into whirl winds.

Lake Sumner was our first night and we arrived in the dark. As soon as we had the tent up, Chloe was in there making a nest.

The chickens had a little scratch about and we were off again. The cool thing about daylight is that you can see where you are; and Lake Sumner has a little canyon and river leading up to it that look beautiful!