House of Resource
​House of Resource is upcycled fashion,  home goods and earthenware ceramics.  Ruth Waddy  weaves bottle caps, bicycle inner tubes, and all manner of ephemera into fine garments and  accessories;  while Josh Dossett throws pottery and finishes it with signature, spiraling, glaze work that  conjures up images of colorful canyons and tropical waters.  


Josh has developed a glazing technique that is  applied while the vessel is spinning on the wheel. Several layers of glazes are thickly brushed on, to melt and blend into cascading shades of turquoise,  gold, sapphire and emerald; with a sparkling burnt sienna or pewter colored rim.  Josh creates a variety of rims by throwing some with elegant flares and pressing others with decorative stamps to catch the darker glazes and create dramatic patterns.  
Ruth designs, cuts, and sews unique pieces from recycled materials.  Her favorite textiles are made by weaving multicolored bottle caps onto strips of bike tube rubber or sewing hand cut bike tube patterns onto recycled fabric.  She cuts up old copper pipes and strips copper wire to create jewelry - crafting "gems" from earthenware clay and recycled glass.